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"One of the most important ways to
prevent extinction is
by maintaining some degree of genetic flow between viable
breeding populations."

Alan Rabinowitz,
President of Panthera, world renowned scientist, author and conservationist
Big Sur

Our mission is to protect
and restore systems of
connected wildlands that
support native wildlife
and the ecosystems
upon which they rely.
Featured Projects

California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project: A Strategy for Conserving a Connected California
SC Wildlands was part of a team that worked with the California Departments of Transportation and Fish and Game on a statewide habitat connectivity effort. California’s wild legacy can be sustained in the face of development and improving transportation networks, provided that our remaining natural areas are functionally connected into a large network of open space.
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SC Wildlands has Expanded its Geographic Scope
SC Wildlands has expanded its geographic focus beyond the South Coast Ecoregion and has thus changed its name from South Coast Wildlands to Science and Collaboration for Connected Wildlands.
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