SC Wildlands brings both scientific rigor
and a highly collaborative approach to
regional planning. We are working with
biologists and conservation scientists from
Northern Arizona University, San Diego
State University Field Station Programs,
Conservation Biology Institute, and others
to develop platforms that engage biological
experts in the region with methods for
identifying and designing movement
corridors that functionally connect habitats
and sustain ecosystem processes.

The South Coast Missing Linkages Project is producing conservation designs for 15 key habitat linkages associated with the South Coast Ecoregion. Planning for each linkage involves 3 main phases:

Biological Perspectives Workshops: Agency, academic and professional scientists specializing in a wide variety of disciplines presented the results of biological studies in the region and participated in taxonomic workgroups to identify focal species that represent the complexity of ecological interactions that can be sustained by successful linkage design.

Conservation Design: The focal species data generated at the workshops, along with additional research and various GIS analyses, are guiding field assessments and the development of conservation designs for each linkage.

Conservation Delivery: As each linkage design is completed, working groups are initiated to engage planners, engineers, biologists, federal and state agencies, tribal associations and local non-governmental organizations in implementation activities. This project is dedicated to ensuring that each linkage design is incorporated into all local management and planning activities in the region.
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